Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's been a while I know! 'Got so many things to think about for the wedding and the modeling school. Though we took some time off for a quick trip to Niagara Falls. That was awesome!

The summer is almost done and we barely had the time to enjoy it. A friend got me a bike. That's awesome. It's a used one. I wanted that cause from all the bikes I had in my life since I was little; I got them stolen :( I have to bring it up and down the stairs every time; adding a little extra exercise to my routine. I love using the bicycle paths close to the canal so I can enjoy the view. The same day I got my bike, my breaks on the back stop functioning. Ok.. no big deal I thought. A few days later, the breaks on the front started to get loose. Well yesterday I almost hit an other cyclist, and on my way back I couldn't break I hit the side of the sidewalk and hit the water fountain. I hurt my mmmmmmmmmmmmm so intimate private part and my but hurt like hell. I'm surprised that I didn't take the bike and throw it over the balcony down the third floor.

Anyways here some of the pictures we took.

Until next time, be good!



Hey all!

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