Tuesday, April 12, 2011


YAY!! Today I put my winter coat back in my closet for good! I'm getting anxious a little, my wedding is in 5 months only. I finally chose my dress :D

A lot of bad stuff is happening lately around the world. I sent some good energy to the people in Japan. Let's wish our prayers will help them go through this painful moment.

It's been a while since I posted, I know. Please don't hate me. I came to realize that I do like to procrastinate once in a while. I just closed my eyes to the truth. It's sometimes hard to be totally truthful to yourself. Not long ago, I met my friend for a drink. We haven't seen each other for months. A lot happened in her life, supposedly. Then, promptly, she asked me if she lost weight. I looked a her for a few instants, then looked at her face. She looked so proud. To be honest with you, I thought she gained a few pounds. I felt bad breaking her joy, so I simply said - Well, maybe hun, you know, I'm not good guessing the age or the weight of people. She simply smiled at me and I hurried switching topics. I KNOW IT'S NOT NICE, but sometimes ppl need to get it right in their face to realize the cruel truth. I simply couldn't. Maybe next time a similar situation occurs, just ask: Well, you want the truth or a lie? BEST WAY EVER TO MAKE ENEMIES.

Working with the public made me realize a few things too. About 80% of the money I give to homeless people went to buy alcohol or drugs. I'm astonished! Well, with this money I should have keep it and take a few more calories and buy a nice Tim Horton's coffee. Well... speaking of that, this is exactly what I'm gonna do!

Love you all and enjoy the nice weather!



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