Friday, December 10, 2010

Yesterday I did a special photoshoot with a very interesting photographer in downtown Montreal. He looked a bit like Raine Maida, singer of Our Lady Peace. Curiously last week the guy working at the Telus store looked like Raine too. I met an other one a few months earlier too with similar traits... Oh, don't worry Raine from all the people who look like you, your the sexiest! So now, don't stop amazing us with your talented spirit!

On the way back to the metro station there was a young woman panhandling with a baby puppy. It was soooo cute It broke my heart. I had no spare change. It's very common for panhandlers to hang with dogs. Maybe I should start carrying dog biscuits in my coat pockets.

I might post a few pictures up I don't know when though. I have an interview later on so talk to you then.

much love


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