Monday, December 6, 2010

Human Centipede

After asking the question about if watching Human Centipede is a waste of time on Facebook, I had pretty good comebacks so far. I am very curious about this movie. I'd like to find it somewhere I want to watch it. So weird but it got an interesting concept

I did my recherches and here what I found as a critique. Pretty funny.

For a movie about an insane German doctor who sews several captured tourists mouth-to-anus, Human Centipede is surprisingly not very graphic. There aren't many stomach-churning visuals or graphic dismemberments, most of the gore takes place off-screen and is more implied than shown. Which is precisely the point at which your imagination kicks in and has the following train of thought: ”Wow it would really suck to have my mouth pressed up against someone's asshole for the rest of my life. I guess I would have to eat their feces. I feel like this movie is trying to do something with eroticism but I'm just not picking up on it.” Then reality grinds to a halt and you realize someone conceptualized, wrote, directed, financed, made costumes and effects, and distributed this movie. That means that many people spent the better part of a year going to work every day where they strapped three actresses together mouth-to-anus and were dead serious about it. That is much more disturbing than any torture porn this movie could have been.


The Trailer

So? Would you have the guts to watch it? :P

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