Monday, November 8, 2010

Pouring rain :(
Mark is sick so he is in bed. :( I'm bored to be bored :(

Ceiria made a quick webcam session today by putting mascara on her forearm hairs! Quite weird. Good news: the guy came. Like Ceiria said : Well good for him. Everything's was done under 10 min. PATHETIC LOSER!

She's not too happy that nobody commented her new banner. She made it just for you guys. You better comment it or she will kick your sorry little ass! Hey don't blame me; Ceiria said it. I'm out of this.

Well you know, it's raining and I'm bored. I think I'm going to get a coffee at Tim Hortons.

You know what to do. Go. Shoooo!

Ceiria playing Faith the time of a photoshoot. YA RIGHT! I'm better than her. HA!




  1. I know this is a old post ,but I just got on blogspot ,and I was looking through some older post ,and I wanted to tell you this is an absolutely beautiful picture.


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