Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mark woke me up on the right foot this morning by bringing me breakfast in bed. tea and cookies. My favorite breakfast:)

We finally got news about our sponsored child. She apparently doing great and she started school yesterday as well as her and her family are now receiving clean water! YYYAYYYYYY!!! :D :D :D !!! I knew it my palms weren't wrong! A woman told me a few years ago that I'll be in charge of a child before I get married and have kids. She was right and I love it! You believe in that stuff?

Todayyyy I was a good giiiirl sooooooo we went shopping downtown for lipstick in my favorite boutique 'INGLOT'!!! (Better than MAC in my opinion) Going in there for me is like walking in a candy factory: I WANT ONE OF EACH!! Minus the chocolate covered insects they sell. I've never had the guts to try it. So many proteins waisted. ttssssss... So I got 2 new lipstick!! I got bored having only red and dark red wine. We also got some stuff to send to our sponsored child :D

Now guess what? They probably won't even play my favorite song :( BOUHOOOUUUUUUUUUUUU
Why bother going to see them then? well... you know.. I love the new songs and... well (ego wall going down) I'M PROBABLY ONE OF THEIR BIGGEST CANADIAN FANS. (walls going up again) I think they're pretty unique, talented like hell and I totally love the style. Oh yeah, they're cute too (yeah all of them, even the old one that never takes his shirt off!) Too bad for him, no shirt off, no booby flashing. HA!

After this beautiful day we shot a few scenes of Silverblood! It's getting there! A trailer will be up soon so ppl, keep yourself posted!


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