Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Human being re-designed

When I ask my mirror this morning who was the prettiest girl in the house, well it wasn't me! At this point, I'm afraid that even the Goblins are better looking than I am now! Horrible. I seriously think God should re design the human body and accommodate it with a pump equipped with a tube for mucus evacuation (add an extra whole somewhere) and add a spare nose. (hidden in a secret spot somewhere on the body) Very useful during periods of common cold. As well as some slot spaces for intelligence and auto-regeneration diskettes. An auto teeth-cleaning would be awesome! Whats the point about having body hair? Just lose it and thicken the skin. And for men,having a beard is not cool. No :( Having to spit some hair out after a kiss, is not very appealing for a woman! (personal opinion) Having a programmed switch to auto-change our hair color would save a lot of time, money and deception too!

But despite our weight issues, pimples, wrinkles and missing teeth, we supposedly the prettiest existing being in the existence of creation. The stupidest maybe but surely the prettiest. Hurray for the humans!

Much love,


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  1. Well I'm a glass half full type of guy ,but I like to think that you can have both beauty ,and brains.

    I really like that auto change hair color think though. Would that come in natural colors or could we get some awesome punk rock pinks ,and blue's and purples too.

    Get better soon though
    Darius Karrick Wolveire


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