Saturday, October 16, 2010

We had some nasty thunderstorm yesterday. A big tree fell on the neighbor's parking. They got their van and their shed squished.  :(  3 feet more and it would of fell on my building. 

So we stayed inside and write some more script.  And arguing for half an hour about steak and salad or frozen dinner for one of the character. Of course Mark was right as usual. Pffff...

Ceiria manifested herself  for a little hour. She had to be patient because her doggy boy didn't wanna keep playing after half an hour. I told her the other day, the better their tied up, the better they listen to you. A gag can do miracles too sometimes. Of course she had to be flash and break a cane on the guy's ass. (sighs) whatever.  

For my part, well I have a photoshoot later on.  Better go get the rest of my stuff ready.

Hey, have a great day all!

Much love,



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