Friday, October 29, 2010

Celine Dion:
Her twins; Nelson and Eddy? I don't personally like the names but nice thoughts for the meanings.

Saw 3D:
Chester Bennington from Linkin Park plays in the movie! AAAAHHHH!!! And what a role! Chester ROCKs!!!
The movie was awesomely stressing but very well done. I liked it A LOT. Kinda gross but really cool!! YAY!!

Kids Sponsorship program:

I can't wait to see our little girl!! Come on, send me the damn picture I can't wait any longer! I WANNA SEE MY LITTLE GIRL NOW !!!! BOUUHOU!

If someone knows where I can find the old model of 'My little pony' please hit me up cause I'm looking for them everywhere and I can't find any. The new models aren't as pretty as the originals.

much love,

Faith xoxo

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