Thursday, October 14, 2010

6:00 am. Can't sleep though my brain is only half awake. I'm sitting here like a zombie in front of my computer screen re-typing the 1st edition of our new script.
Scrip writing can be fun but not after typing 60 pages in a row. This scrubs the brain a little. Mark did his share of work today so he's currently watching Halloween 6 for the 3rd time. I surely prefer the Halloweens than the Jason's movies. For me, spending 1 hour and a half watching a bunch of teens getting killed in the woods while getting fucked is a complete waste of time.

We shot a few scene for SilverBlood last Sunday. That went well. I think we got a very good team.

Here some pictures for you guys. But before, hear the story.
I was proposed to be taken in picture (photoshoot) in a very nice place, so I said yes. You know, sometimes it makes a change from the usual paper background in studios. So we drove a looooooooooooooooooong time. Let say a good hour. We found ourselves in the woods, a good hour and so, later. The house was very nice on the outside, though the people in the car called the place 'club' I found it weird a little.

So we went inside. Beautiful house, nice kitchen, wooden floor... pole dancing?? I looked around, speakers, dancing floor, mini bar... rubber dolls????? The owners of the place politely explained to me that this wasn't really a house but more like a club... exchangist club. Lots of rooms and lots of beds. To be honest this ain't my thing. AT ALL. I didn't really care more than that to be there. Though I noticed the white spots on the carpets later on. I kept my boots on. Anyways.

So I got ready and we took pictures. Nice ones. I did some promo pics for the club -why not- and we all went in the spa after. No one had bathing suits but I didn't care. Everybody was very respectful and I liked that. The water was a bit cold but we had great time yapping about the club, the rules, the house, and how nipple piercing can be painful.

Anyways the length of this post tells me that I should go to bed now.

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