Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hey all!
Today was an other blah day. The most energy spending thing I did today is showering. I took care of my sick cat, watered my plants, fed my birds, read some books... I didn't even put make up on. Of course I made my daily offering like any good Wicca practitioner. Saturday so Saturn's day. I burned some pine branches. The Gods/Goddess like that. A must if you want them to be in your favor -tips- that, and any homemade cookie is a good offering!

I'm finishing off my cold. I sadly refused my friend's invitation to go at a party tonight. boo :( I felt like crap. I really like my bf to take care of me when I'm sick. but the things is, his tea's always taste weird. So I have to get up and make some for us. He is patient and wonder sometimes how he manage to put up with me. To be in his shoes I would of so kicked my ass out a long time ago.

Do you believe in spiritual hazards? Some stuff started to happen more frequently. Does it happen to you that at one point your brain freezes your ability of thinking for a fraction of a second, your there, incapable of thinking. Your blocked. Then right after, your mouth say something that makes absolutely no sense. It happened to me today. I was looking at a picture that someone tagged me in on Facebook. I was unable to think about anything. then I said : In the end. Mark looked at me and said: what? What are you talking about? I rapidly explain what happened. 10 minutes later I had a friend request on Facebook about a guy that had his FB profile removed before and whatever... blablabla.. nothing was writing on his profile except that he is a big fan of Linkin Park.... In the end... their first hit. I dunno maybe it is pure hazard but it was weird.

ok eenough for now

xoxoxoxo kiss kiss

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