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Remy Couture a special FX MUA arrested because he was' corrupting minds'

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His story

On October, 28th , at 10:28 am, I received an e-mail from a person saying his name is Steve Lacombe.

Steve said, while surfing the Net for Halloween, having stumbled upon my site which contains my portfolio of special effects make-up.

He said he was impressed by my achievements and asked if had time to do make-up for his girlfriend and himself for Halloween, detailing he had worked out a scenario:

“Me and my girlfriend very lightly dresses, covered in blood and in explicit positions… etc…, I leave it up to your imagination; just some pictures for our guests at our Halloween party.”

So I answered his e-mail and set up an appointment for the next day at my place, on October, 29th, at 6 pm.

On October, 29th, I asked my friend Elise A to be at my place with her camera around 5 pm. She was to be the photographer.

That same October, 29th, a bit before 6 pm, Steve calls me to say they were on their way to my place. 30 minutes later, he calls back saying he had trouble finding it, suggesting I should go outside to wait for them at the intersection of Hochelaga and Lacordaire Streets, just next to my home.

I left the building, cell phone in my hand, talking still with Steve who said he was at the corner of Hochelaga and Dickson Streets. I looked in that direction trying to spot them. A split second later I turned around and found myself face to face to a man and a woman asking me if I was Rémy Couture alright. The moment I confirmed, the man grabbed my arm and took my cell phone away, handing it over immediately to the women accompanying him. That’s when they revealed they are in fact police officers and that I was being arrested for corruption of morals. I thought it was a prank and I tried to get loose, but they insisted I should not put up resistance and to follow them. Not believing this, I asked to see their badges, which they rapidly showed. Still not believing I tried to get loose again. At that point the lady officer showed me her gun. That’s when I gave up resistance.

At the same time I asked if this was a joke, what would happen to me and where they were going to take me. They replied it was not a joke and that they would take me immediately to the police station. I asked if I could go and warn my friend who was still at my place. This was refused, adding that they would take care of that and that they were in possession of a warrant to seize my e-equipment. A warrant that as a matter of fact I have never seen. I asked if I could go and get my coat and wallet, which was refused. The police officer made a call upon which a police vehicle arrived immediately with two men inside. They came straight to me.

The police officers escorted me to the adjoining street where their vehicles were parked. I was handcuffed and asked me to sit down in the vehicle. The police officer sat to my right and the lady officer in the front. They told me that following an Interpol complaint, they were mandated to arrest me for corruption of morals linked to my site HYPERLINK ""

HYPERLINK "" is the site I completely have created. It highlights a psychopath killer committing fictitious murders. I have created all the special effects make up, the special effects and the scenarios. The site contained over 20 photo sessions and two short cuts. The realism of the make-up and the settings might leave people perplex. It was a site which could be construed as the fake intimate visual and brought to life diaries of a fictitious psychopath.

The scenes were produced and directed in an artistic context as is the case for the best known horror movies known by the large public. What made my site popular is apparently its dark feeling due to the scenes of very explicit nature.

I can fearlessly confirm that the site is not always easy to watch by people who are little familiar with horror movies or by the weak hearted.

The arresting police officer, the so-called Steve Lacombe, is in reality detective Fournier. He held a file relative to my case, so I asked him what this was all about, this corruption of morals, something I had never heard of before. I thought all of this was ridiculous, I explained him I do special effects make-up and special effects, that I am specializing in the field of horror and that nothing on my site is real. I asked them since when producing and creating fictitious works of horror was illegal, since the images were nothing but footage with consenting people.

I also asked them how long they were going to keep me, to which detective Fournier immediately replied: “all depends on what you will tell us.” So there and then I asked myself what they wanted to hear, since in their eyes I was clearly a criminal. They moreover acted as if I had to hold something against myself. So I asked the officer if it was really necessary to act this way, and why couldn’t they have adopted another approach.

He replied: “because we didn’t want you to elope”.

I replied: “elope from what?”

Detective Fournier looked into his file, saying: “we have opened our file since January 2009. I got to know you, Rémy, there was even was sentence that made me laugh quite a bit, this sentence you wrote about your web site on the site. The sentence that said: ‘With my art, I like to go beyond what people would like to see against morality’. In short, Interpol called us every 2 days asking us to arrest you, so we decided to come today.

A police car arrived a few minutes later, they asked me to switch vehicles and that one would take me to the police station.

Arriving at the station at 7700 Langelier, I got searched before they put me in a cell. That was around 7 pm. I was left there some hours, approximately I guess until 10 pm. The female officer came to see me with the penal code, and she read me the significance of corruption of morals, because I was really asking myself what sense this could make.

A few moments later she returned with a police officer who unlocked my cell and asked me to go into the interrogation room. I could refuse the interrogation since I was not in the

presence of an attorney. I freely volunteered to be cooperative without a lawyer since I believe there is nothing I can hold against me and that this arrest was an error.

Followed the interrogation for quite a while, and I was handed over a declaration form which I had to fill out resuming what I had to say in my defense. I wrote a declaration saying I am a special effects make-up artist, that I have a site showing fictitious horror scenes. In short: what I had told the police officers before. I signed the form at 10:40 pm with the promise to present myself on November, 20th 2009 at the criminal court of Montreal and that I submitted to the following restrictions:

not to administer the internet site

Not to use a computer except for my day job

After that I was escorted again to my cell. A police officer came to fetch me 1 hour later for the photo session and fingerprinting.

Once out, my personal belongings were given back to me and I was free. They threw me out, end of October, without a coat, no money and they refused to bring me back. In short, they threw me out like a criminal, or a low life.

I asked them to call me a taxi, the time being close to midnight.

Once at my place I could see that my home had been searched by police. They even broke down a locked door and left everything in a mess. I quickly understood they had hoped to find illegal material, or even corpses? I notice what was missing of my personal belongings:


-credit card



Weeks passed, without any news, the trial date for November, 20th had been cancelled. I received some phone calls from detective Fournier to keep me updated and more (details I cannot tell yet ).

On February 9 or 10, Detective Fournier calls me in the morning to ask me if I was available that afternoon to appear before a judge since I was opposing to the fact that my equipment and material was any longer seized; which I found a bit short notice. So I refused and

demanded a later date. He called me back on Friday to give me a new date: February 18th 2010, 9:30 am at the Justice palace of Montreal.

Up until today I appeared 3 times in front of a judge in the justice palace trying to get my e-equipment and seized materials back, which I could not obtain because detective Fournier and Me Lamarre (the crown prosecutor) have objected and the judge followed them since “the investigation is not finished”.

“Mr. Couture masturbates in front of dismembered women; the victims on his site InnerDepravity are only women…” Here’s an example of the words the prosecutor uses before the judge in order to justify its defense against the return of my Materials.

At the justice palace, Me Lamarre, accompanied by detective Fournier, told me that the content of my computers as well as of my site are being analyzed by psychologists, and, the latest news, by a PROFILER (can one make a psychological profile of someone by analyzing his creations? What about those others then involved in making horror?)

Almost one year later, I still have not regained my seized materials; the prosecutor took over 9 months before presenting the accusations, a delay which makes one wonder about the relevance of the accusations…

On October, 13th 2010 I will officially appear before the judge in the justice palace. That day the actual trial date will be decided.

freedom against these militants of censorship, who are an obstacle to freedom and expression and a menace to the horror industry.

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