Monday, August 23, 2010

the pole dancing practice went well. No bones broken but the pole is. Or the wall... We can't use the pole anymore. I think me and Isabelle have potential. We had good comments from her friend yesterday; she saw everything :\ But seriously who else is bad lucky enough to break a dancing pole eh? Only us two I guess. I think we need some solid stuff. I heard there is a place downtown Montreal we can go and they teach us professionally. I say whatever good I become I totally refuse to do it for the money. It is out of my self- respect. Silly Isabelle suggested to include a pole dancing part in our next show, in September.... well I say wait till we can do more complicated stuff and stop twisting our muscles and breaking the pole and maybe we'll be ready to do a pole dancing show.

We started also a choreography for the up-coming show Sinepalooza hosted by Matthew Saliba. This is gonna be fun.

Ok now I'm starving but have no clue what to eat. Grrrrrr..!

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