Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mark and me started to talk about marriage. This is so stressing... well not the commitment but the preparation to do. I always thought I would get married around my 30th but well things seems to go faster :)

I won't spend time in Toronto as I have to get back to TO later this month. I love this city and it is a real piss off for me not to have time to spend there.

I miss my cat very much I can't wait to get back to my crappy place in Montreal. I need to get seriously into my work.

Well we enjoy our trip to Niagara Falls at least. Yesterday we went to visit Mark's cousin from Texas currently in visit up here. We had a bbq, played bocce ball which I'm not too bad at :)... margaritaaaaaa... we definitely had a great time.

Oh oh ho ho.. before I leave... I GOT MY TICKETS FOR THE GREEN DAY CONCERT playing in Montreal this August with AFI yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy!! The tickets were almost sold out ouuuf! hihi

well talk to you soon cause I gotta go print my tickets :)

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