Thursday, August 26, 2010

I went for a walk downtown today. Montreal is a very nice city with all these buildings, arts and those peoples running around. Except for one thing. This is very unfortunate to say this but, homeless people. I feel uncomfortable walking beside them. I feel selfish every time, I can't help it. I used to give my spare change to them before but not anymore. Most of them are not even homeless. That's what makes me iffy giving. They panhandle often to pay their addictions. I've seen this a lot. I am not saying here that they are ALL like that. Not at all. One thing I don't mind is giving for the street artists. Some of them are kinda entertaining and make pretty cool stuff.

What I don't understand is how a big city like Montreal can hold that much people living in the streets. There is some many organizations of all sort that it is almost impossible for the street people to NOT get help. I say, if they live this way it is because they choose to. A year back, I almost punched a guy in the metro station he was panhandling like usual. I said the usual no but he kept his hand in front of my face as I walked toward my metro line. I was so insulted. I'm happy I didn't get violent though. I don't think what happened was a good enough reason to punch someone. But come on, if they want to live in the streets ok, but please don't depend on the other people's money instead of having government money every month (still our taxes but well..) this is unfair. They are allowed to live wherever they want there are so many organizations willing to help these people it's crazy. Or at least do so music or some arts. People don't give anymore. We are struggling with the economy crisis enough already.

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