Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fall is approaching dangerously. Nighs are getting colder little by little. And slowly I bring back forgotten clothes out of my closet. A light switch on this morning in my head. I want new clothes! Every time I pass in front of the American Apparel boutique I always have to chew my tongue and wipe my drooling. I WANT NEW SPANDEX LEGGINGS! They are so nice all shiny and I like the rainbow color choice they have. I need more to fit my new leather jacket even though Mark say this doesn't fit together. Whatever. I say he's not right on this one.

Hey I'm getting married in a year from now. Next September the 17th 2011. I can't believe it. I dunno what to say aside there are no dresses so far that interest me. :( That's sucks,)they're all the same .

Right now I'm enjoying a cup of tea while staring at my cat Salem wondering what the heck they put in the cat treats so they like them that much.

Have a good week end ppl.


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