Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hi all

We practice a lot for the Bollywood show at the end of the month. The girls part is almost ready just waiting for the boys to put down some ego :) I am not the best but I'm doing a good job. Last Sunday I scratched my knee at the practice. I have a big bruise on it bouuh :( Ceiria was busy too. Good for her she seems to be nicer lately. I hope I'll have more free time this fall to go do a ghost investigation. I miss it so much. Last week I was on my friend's boyfriend and went to the bathroom. I took a little piece of toilet paper then I heard a weird sound so I looked up at the roll, all the paper was unrolled, perfectly fold on the floor.

I am not a knee fan and knee are not my fetish but look up the knees and tell me if you see something. I can see faces on it. No I'm not crazy but entities knows how to be discreet.

Freaking dude with the camera! I would so kick his ass. Whatever... saw something?

I am anxious to go see my friend Mary in Halifax. She loves ghost investigating too and she knows a pretty fucked up house. Can't wait!!

Talk to you soon.. xoxoxo

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