Friday, July 16, 2010

Hi all

This Sunday is the last practice for the Bollywood show for Fantasia. I'm starting to feel a little nervous!! Were getting better and better just need to be more tight. I might do an other show the same day I got to learn the song. Hindu is not my first language so it's not super easy but beside some tongue twist it goes pretty well.

Hey let me tell you that this is the last time ever I buy flip flops. First of all you always get sore between the big toe and second of all there is a high risk to brake your neck in the stairs. This happened to me last Sunday after the practice. I slipped, lost my balance and fell down the stairs head over heels my skirt pulled over showing my panties. As a result, a big bruise on my forearm, a scratched up thumb and a very bruised ass. I Hated it. well.. at least I made the couple across the street laugh.

I am actually taking care of a cute little cat. Her owner died more than a month ago. The six cats living there were all by themselves living on the food the others people of the building were giving them. My friend went at the apartment when the city empty it and took a little kitten. Of course I fell in love with the other female so i took it home with me. Temporary unfortunately cause Salem is jealous like crazy and can't keep her. At least she won't die at the SPCA. I'm looking for a good family for her.

Beside all of this I'm thinking about this coming Montreal Fetish Week End. The event is getting bigger and bigger every year. I am wondering if I should wear Latex or PVC... mmmh. Or maybe my chain bra... maybe too skimpy? I'll meditate on it.

Anyways here's an official poster for the event. Let see if you can recognize the girl on it ;)

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