Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hi all!

Only 3 days left till Bollywood! I am anxious!! We decided to have a last practice Friday. Today I worked on the up coming video Bloody Tears from our artist Real D. Can't wait to shoot in August! A quick note: If you don't ever want writer's block again and boost your creativity at the max for any creative projects I strongly recommend you to place a sage plant in the room which you create and develop your projects . This is serious stuff. Sometimes it pays to trust nature.

Yesterday I shot some cool stuff for Black Flag Productions. You will see me appearing on some promotional stuff of Black Flag Pictures booth in various Sci-Fi, horror and comic book conventions as well Black flag pictures is drafting up a new film with me in it so stay tuned!!!. Look at this picture :) tell me what you think of it.

Picture taken by SV Bell
Location Montreal

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