Monday, June 7, 2010

I am pissed. VERY PISSED. I have (or had) a friend of mine that I was pretty close with before. Always talking, teasing, having fun. Kinda love/hate friendship. The thing is there is teasing and TEASING. Some stuff I don't take. Useless to get him by doing something back, nothing works. Not even in a polite way.
Hurt him is useless. He must like that. Ignore him: USELESS....HE ALWAYS COMEBACK. GRRRRRR!!!
He is worse than a fly on a garbage bag, worse than ants on a piece of sugar, worse than a boomerang, HE IS STICKIER THAN DUCKTAPE.

Everything I do he know it. everything. everything. everything. Dunno how he do that but whatever. I dunno what to do now.

I won't tell his name but he live far from me and where he lives it's not always warm.

I can't take it no more. I have no more patience. LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE.


If you ever want a hug you know where to find me but you owe me something to get the totality of my friendship back...

PS: I like cookies


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