Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hi all,

I went to see my friend Eunice Chen for her piano recital. It was beauuutiful. She pass her second bac in classical music. She also looked amazing in her classy pinky dress. After the recital we all went to her place to celebrate. 2 glass of wine later, I bruised my funny bone on the chair trying to pose for a picture.

A few days later I did a photoshoot with Isabelle Stephen a dear friend of mine. We collaborated together for a Bollywood movie.

Bollywood movie rehearsal is kinda hard. Fun but hard. Isabelle is very nice. All the time, AND SHE HAS ALL THE PATIENCE OF THE WORLD! I like this girl a lot. We have another rehearsal tomorrow hope I didn't forget the steps!

Emmmm yeah... I got rid of Jack the cactus. :( I almost cried. The fucker was making spiders. On one of a 5 thousands I have to get the one with spiders. I am scared of cactus now...

Right now I'm hungry and don't know what to eat. I don't wanna be in a pissy mood so I better go find something to cook now.

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