Saturday, June 26, 2010

Equal right

I don't understand how people still fight for that. It's been years now women around the world fight for equal rights. I dunno, I just think this isn't fair. We all are humans after all. This is a subject that pisses me off. This and politic. I don't believe humans should have right to judge the importance of others humans about their right and everything else. We need leaders hell yeah but not for judging a man more important than a women. Same thing for same sex relationship and marriage. Yes we need laws and rules to follow but I still disagree judging more important a man than a woman and same sex relationships. What do YOU fucking care. Your not the one fucking and dealing with them. Yes and I agree, now women can work and be independent just like men; and men can have paternity holidays. That's a beginning you'll say. I personally disagree. Government approved it to make people shut up. You now, a disguise, a mask to cover up the society. -my personal opinion of course-

Well ok Miss smarty pants you probably think at this very moment. How come your are a Dominatrix which means female supremacy? Well, BDSM is a GAME like role playing, RPG (Which I miss playing with my dear friend Shawn)I play my role in order to give what the person need. I am not there for the supremacy at all. I oblige them to call me Miss not Goddess. Sincerely I just like to beat the shit out of a person - who enjoy receiving it- . Outside the BDSM world I consider male and female as equal. As far as I can reach my nose with my tongue. Yes I am willing to swear that to anyone having the guts to ask me the question.

I was surfing the net the other day and found some stuff that I personally qualify as disturbing, shocking, stupid.... Maybe some of them are a bit funny but mostly not a very positive humor toward women mostly.

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