Monday, June 7, 2010

A bad day with a positive attitude

Yep a bad day. First of all Ceiria had a flake this morning so she couldn't release her frustration by giving a good spanking.

She woke up early just to prep herself for NOTHING.. well... not completely I had a meeting later on. Unfortunately I was stock walking downtown to join Mark for our meeting. It was raining. No umbrella, no hood, I forgot to bring my brush also as my makeup for retouches. I was in a rush to leave cause.. you should know me by now I often do things last minute. So I arrived to the meeting : curiously I didn't look that bad. Thank you Inglot for making waterproof makeup! Now guess what? I waited over an hour to meet the band (yes music business stuff).Meeting went well.

Then I walked back home. I was freezing in my PVC clothes. Good thing Mark suggest me to switch my sandals for my high boots. The rain had stopped. At least.

Then back home. DID I FORGOT TO TELL YOU I forgot to put some tampons in my purse before I left the house? Yeah. Thanks for the toilet paper. I forgot to lock the door of the toilet at the restaurant. An employee opened the door while I was looking at my makeup in the mirror. I would of been so ASHAME if I was peeing. No really. There is no way in the world I put my ass on these seats. So the position is quite... uncomfortable and awkward. Let say I need to practice do the 'THE CHAIR' as a training exercise. Bad luck on me if I have to pee a long time. I almost peed on my pants a few times!. ok ok enough you don't really need to know that!

Hope Monday will be a better day!


yours truly,

Faith :)

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