Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Today its snowing. Yesterday I was almost wearing a bikini. How weird is that. This morning I opened my Facebook and a girl wrote on her page 'Mother Nature is confused as fuck. She needs a man!' That was pretty funny! Sooooo what have you been up to lately? Well, I had a photoshoot not long ago... We took a couple of good pictures. I didn't look my best though Im too lazy to dye my hair. still in the cupboard next to the dream catcher set. I wish I had lots of patience to make it. Hey, I'm into pottery now. I made two pieces so far and they look like shit. One was a incense holder that can't hold anything and a candle holder that is too small. I still have it. Dunno I seems to keep everything lately. I hate that. Especially when you open your wallet and the only thing in there is... bills.

I worked and worked and worked for the Comic Book project. We have lots of good stuff coming up for the next books. YAY! Lots of surprises.

Nothing really happened since last time. Of course we closed the bar next to my house with some friends, I went through a short period of total clumsiness, bought a cactus! Welcome in the family Jack!! and.. yesterday we fought with 2 bottles of wine impossible to open. Its was the story of the 3 guys and 2 bottles! We broke the wine opener and the corks... mmmh anyways after an hour of pure torture (WE WANTED TO DRINK) the second half of the cork came out so we could enjoy its amazing taste. Oh yeah dinner was good too. :)

IM GETTING IN SHAPE PEOPLE CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS? I ACTUALLY DO TRAINING! OMG! yeah Im stuck doing a small training for the rest of my life and the word CHOCOLATE is forbidden in my diet for the next 8 years. IM NOT GONNA CRY. No I wont. I'll just sit there an POUT.

Oki doki gotta go get ready now. Talk to you later

Be good otherwise Ceiria is going to kick your ass :P

Byebye xoxoxoxoxo

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