Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ouija, you always impress me

Hey all!

You didn't hear from me lately and I'm sorry about that. We were really busy preparing the comic book project and today we shoot the first book. Can't wait to kick some ass! haha!

2 night ago my photographer friend spent the night over at my place and he's a strong spirit believer. He wanted to contact Jim Morrison and I wanted to try the Ouija board I made myself ( sooo long to make, but the result worth the effort)
Well, We shut the lights an put the camera on the corner of the room. We lit up a few candles on the table and put some salt around us (protection, you know)
We started. We didn't speak to Jim Morrison of course but we spoke to a spirit called Exu. Is he the real Exu I don't know. The seance lasted 20 minutes then we said goodbye. We watched the video after that and we saw this face on the left corner of the room all the duration of the session.

Freaky freaky! There was absolutely NOTHING there. I guess it was kinda mean cause right after the session, my tv broke after I tried to plug my video camera on it so I plugged the cam on my computer. well, yesterday my computer screen broke. Coincidence or bad spirit? Mhhhhh.... Anyways all that gave me the inspiration to go back into ghost investigations. Mark really wants to go in the Amityville house but for me there is no way I go there. I don't wanna die chocked with the shower curtain!

Ok that's it I posted the pic for you guys. I just hope my laptop doesn't break.

I'll keep you posted



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