Monday, March 15, 2010

I never thought I would start a diet if my life depend it. It mean no sweets bouuuhooouu. I love sweets. Well I have no choice with my new secret project to be top fit. You know me... I'm lazy and I hate training. I'm mad cause I'm always hungry, I look even bigger than before I start my diet and my ankles hurt. It's usually the first signs of overweight... :O I FREAKING HATE MY LIFE RIGHT NOW! It's really a shame to pass your frustrations on single broccoli steam. pfffff...

OMG... today we went on a bus heading to Fairview mall and there was a guy behind me snapping his fingers and clapping hands right behind my ears. He had no music on... that was strange of him. It's okay you know he has the right to be happy but after a while it really got on my nerve. Since I have a very limited amount of patience I almost hit the guy. Dunno I was irritated. I hate violence so I made him my worse piercing eyes, I swear the god, he was scared an stopped! Poor guy.. he was probably just happy... yeah I have to work on this flaw.

Well thats it for now but ttyl


love you all!

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