Sunday, February 28, 2010


Yesterday night I went to an exposition downtown Montreal and I saw the biggest owl of the world. He was so cuuuuute! Unfortunately I lost a battery so I couldn't take a picture :(

Later on, I went out with some friends at a karaoke bar and had some fun.
My friend J-S is a perfect mix between extravagant and adventurous. Fortunately for him this time he left the bar with his pride and teeth (all of them)

Beer was okay but Malibu was yummy!

Ok updates...
I'm still waiting for the pictures of my last shoot CANT WAIT the shoot was sick!
I have two page in the new magazine Vyvicious YAY! I enjoy being reporter.
beside that.. usual stuff I'm working on.. oh yeah.. our new script is half written!

OMG I didn't know that menthol like the blue thing you put on for aching muscles- make cats stone! that's just hilarious. He was hanging there paws in the air for half an hour! Too bad kitty, next don't pee on my new couch!

Well enough talking for now but Ill be back very soon!


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