Thursday, November 26, 2009

Littlestupid things I don't like

I hate when my hips crack when I sneeze

Sneezing at the worse day of your period can give you a juicy surprise in your pants

Doing exercises... I do 8 series of 100 setups with weights on my feet every night plus a few push up (man style) for me its quite enough don't ask me for more

I always happen to wet my pants or skirt on the public bathroom counter. I look like I wet my pants an other way, making me feel really uncomfortable

Go take a leak on the public bathroom, but unfortunately,no paper left. So your stuck staying there until you dry. You can't shake a pussy.

Waking up and your boyfriend say that he saw you sleepwalk the night before. I was supposedly cooking some tuna and peach both -juices included- I feel disgusted.

Enough for now it's 7h23 am I need some sleep.

More to come soon,


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