Thursday, October 22, 2009


Finally we found our friend a few days ago. The police found him at the hospital downtown. We didn't give him morals; everybody can have a bad period of life and sometimes you can't just quit it like that even if you try. When you open your eyes and see four white walls and tubes everywhere on your body, that's because you didn't succeed. But hey, life just gave you another chance like I told him. This time don't mess it up. He understood. We all hope so. Even if you turn around and around your problems, thing is nothing will happen beside you get older. I think lack of perseverance and ego kill the dreams of million of people. (Yeah I got ego too for cetain things)

Ego like... I like dancing but I never go clubbing. People say I dance well, but for some reason I feel shy and stupid.. A drink or two before it's not so bad. I took belly dancing courses in the past. That was not bad. The courses were during winter time and I was too lazy to go out in the cold just to shake my ass for an hour so I quit.
I'm a really shy girl for certain things. Long time ago I had a date with a guy and I was wearing my favorite jeans. Pale blue I remember well. Unfortunately for me mother nature decided to start the same night. Sorry but bright red on pale blue jeans (right at the ass; even worse) its quite noticeable. Useless to say I never called the guy back. I was dead embarrassed.

**** **** ****
Oh guess what. I'm freakin allergic to pumpkin. DAMMIT. I'M REALLY PISSED OF. I can't eat my pies. At all. Well I ate a few pieces and I was sick for days. That's it next year I'm gonna make apple pies instead.

If somebody got or knows how to make a talisman against skunk I'm all ears. Really I'm paranoid when I go out at night. Surprisingly, they're kinda friendly. The other day when I had a face-to-face with one, I think she/he winked at me. Still I DON'T TRUST THOSE ANIMALS.

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