Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fall is finally here. We can feel it. Jackets, gloves and common cold are definitively out of my closet. But I like fall. I think it is my favorite season of all. A few days ago I was admiring the trees and all the colorful veggies at the market.nearby my house. I bought a pumpkin. Wish me luck because this year I attempt to make my first pumpkin pies. An old memory from my childhood gave me this idea. Unfortunately nobody within my entourage seems to like pumpkin pie. Gasp. Now I'm gonna be stuck eating all that good stuff alone. I'll have for about 6 pies. Or maybe.. I'll bring a few pieces and give it to the homeless people in the streets. It's not money of course but at least they'll have something to eat.

In the evening, I was watching The Hour show on tv. Chantal Kreviazuk was a part of the night OMG she is gorgeous! She's beautiful from the inside out. If I had to date a woman, I'll consider her as my first choice. Seriously. She's beautiful, and full of talents she deserves it.

On a tragic note, a dear friend of mine is still missing since a few days. We are all dead worried about him. We understand that everybody has problems at some point in our life and can feel lost but we cross our fingers very tight in hoping he is okay and in safe.

Have a great day and enjoy this beautiful season

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