Sunday, September 13, 2009

Back to Montreal

Hey people!

I'm back in Montreal. YAY! I loved the time I spent in Ottawa though. They got the yummiest shish taouk ever! As a sister I had homeworks to do toward my brother. Well I think he got the one. I cant believe it! And she's a hell of a cook!

The other day, my step-sister and I did training together. She totally worked me out. After half an hour I was a dead motherfuker lol. The thing is (in all honesty) I hate training. I am lazy fat fuck for that. I want the result but to lazy to get through to get it. I need to work on my patience for that.

Besides that work is good. A friend of mine want to be a model but he also need a boost of confidence. I'm working on it. He look really good AND he is a really nice guy. Damn he must be blind because he can't find a girl for him. hhmmmmmmmm....

It's crazy down here how photographers try to get models for free. PFFFF... for the beginners maybe but well... recently offers are free photoshoots or porn offers. Sometimes life is weird.

Anyways, got to go. Hope I'll have time to go get some tickets for the Marilyn Manson concert. He's finally coming to Montreal YAYYY!! If I do have time, Ill be right on it like a fat kid on a smartie. Oh yeah Kill Hannah also coming in Mtl ! Double YAY!

take care


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