Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hey all!

Last week went well. I've gotten spoiled a lot. I was offered pearls by my boyfriend. I love pearls! They're so beautiful. I also caught a cold. A little one. But I feel better. Besides that I took it easy.

Yesterday I had a photoshoot. Something really different. Fetish of course. I had to confront a fear I have. For the first time I had to put on a gas mask. It means I couldn't breath properly. I know your not suppose to say your biggest fear because it can be dangerous if you make enemies but whatever. My biggest fear if I could say is to be unable to breathe. I dunno why but I become hysterical. That may explain why I don't like to swim under water. Maybe I died by being drowned in a previous life.... who knows.... If you ever meet me, here's a piece of advice: Don't ever put a pillow on my face neither push me in deep water because I can't swim neither. ( Ego comes back sometimes...) Really I don't know how I'm gonna die but damn it will probably be the worse seconds of my whole life) Hope it's quick. Back to the photoshoot, everything went well. We did amazing pictures and I am anxious to show you the results.

Until then breath well and be good :)



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