Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Yesterday was THE day I hated the most since a long time. First of all I was sick so there, it's not a good start. I was freaking depress and everything seems to fall on my nerves. Yeah you know those days you cry for nothing? Well, that was me.
People asked me 'Why are you crying?' and I could hardly answer 'I don't know...' because I sobbed to hard. Pathetic. I learn that Inglot mascara is waterproof my ass. Not really good to taste neither. Kleenex and hot tea were my best friends. But don't worry, I had some support. *beside ice cream.

I missed an important photoshoot yesterday. I am ashamed. The photographer is really renown in San Francisco and I love his work. He is willing to rebook another date though. YAY! I don't know how long he stay in Montreal but I really don't wanna miss my chance.

Today I feel better. People at work are recently nicer with me. Today I had a coffee and bread !?! Well no need to shop for this week!

well talk to you later


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