Saturday, June 6, 2009

Penthouse magazine

Last year I think I posted a poll on Myspace about my possibilities to appear in Penthouse magazine. You know, as a model here, you need a certain government number to be able to appear in music video's (legally) Well, after over a hundred votes, I could finally have a photoshoot. I wanted my number so bad. This was a veeeeeeery long shoot. The dude photographer was kinda okay I guess. Didn't impress me. You know between you and me, porn is not my domain. My thing is more artistic nude. I wasn't feeling comfortable at all. I seriously felt like a stupid piece of fresh meat and fully violated. I brought my manager with me and a friend to get some support. We shot about 1500 pics. I'm sure that he took a lot of pleasure by fucking himself on the bed I shot on when I left arrrg. Dunno, I just had that feeling. And guess what? A few weeks later, the dude called me and asked me if I would be interested in doing another photoshoot but this time I had to come alone. It ringed a bell and I refused. Useless for me to tell you that my pictures were never given to being published in the magazine. He freaking FUCKED ME without having a chance to fuck me. I've never swallowed it. NO JOKE HERE.

I felt really stupid. That photoshoot was the hardest one I had during all my modeling career. Well, you'd probably tell me ' yeah but it's Penthouse, what do you think? Yeah I know... but I'm proud of myself to have said NO to the question ' Did you bring any toys? There is no freaking way I put something down there for some stupid porn photos. NOT EVEN MY FINGER. Like I said earlier, I like artistic nude photos, not porn who for me it destroys the beauty of a human body. My opinion of course.
My mistake....

But hey, I finally got my government number because of my artistic nude photography book. I worked in collaboration with an amazing photographer from Montreal. Jean-Francois O'kane. It took us three days to take the pictures, and filming for the tutorial about How to shoot nude photography. I loved working with him because he is such a nice person and he always have tons of ideas.

Go check his work here

Well, that was my story

Be good,

Until next time :)

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