Wednesday, June 24, 2009

laid off and bikini top

You know my newspaper job? I QUIT IT! bam! ...Well, to tell you the truth, they cut my position for the summer. Bastards! Like if I would comeback after two months no paid to give their damn paper again. PFFFFF I'm not that dumb. Anyways it's gonna gives me more time for recruiting people for LeapNgo ( it's free to sign as an individual!

Last week -end I went to Toronto (YEAH I MISSED EGEFEST WHAT A SHAME, SERIOUSLY) Me and my partner had an important meeting about the last preparations to bring Headless Cross in Montreal. Meeting went well. It was quite rainy in TO but we still had a great time.

Since a few days, the weather here in Montreal is sooo warm that I barely can wear clothes. Yesterday for example I was walking on the streets, wearing a skirt and a bikini top. Peoples were looking at me with a very upset look. I am shocked. To their eyes, wearing bikini top in public is purely forbidden plus they almost threw me out of the supermarket because of the same reasons. You know in California, girls wear that stuff all the time. and guess what? They don't get in trouble. Montreal is a stupid city. They act very conservative but it is the city with the most strip clubs in all the Quebec region. What a two faced city. Pfff, can't wait to move in Toronto...

You know what, next time it happen maybe I should just take off my top just to see their face. Why not? They will be already shocked. As long as they don't call the police I mean...

well talk to you later

Be good


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