Monday, June 29, 2009

Inflation Party Saturday

Hey all!

Inflation party last Saturday was awesome! The venue was full of balloons bubbles, body painting, clowns and interesting peoples! We had excellent good music (thanx to DJ Davidé and Plastik Patrick) we danced 'till we died (I died a few times in my latex costume) The venue in fact, was given in an ancient pool we transformed in a huge dance floor.

I forgot by the time the party ended, the metro stations were closed. So forgetful me had to find a way back home. I didn't feel like walking 8km since I forgot (once again) my debit card at home. (I never carry cash on me and the venue provided me free drinks since I was working there)

So my feet were telling me SIT BITCH!, I had to hitchhike for the first time of my life.

The first car stopped by. Young man looked insecure. He decided to drive away when he saw my boyfriend. Well I said -Whatever... and put my thumb back up. A few seconds later a second car stopped by.

-I saw that you need a ride? ask the man looking at me and my boyfriend

-Yeah, I missed my ride back home. I said

-Well, What can you offer me? A smoke at lease?

-Sorry we don't smoke

Then he said never mind and started his car. A few seconds later the dumb f*ck opened his window and asked me for a blow job! I looked at the guy - Yo, I am a model not a fuckin whore! You'll have nothing from me! Although you can take it up with my boyfriend...
the guy drove away.
Then I started to be pissed and very tired. We kept walking (with no thumb up) I was fed up of assholes when suddenly a car stopped beside us out of nowhere. An old man in a gray car offered us a ride. I found it strange he didn't asked for any money at the beginning. So we took the ride, enjoying the jazz music. I felt very grateful to the old man until he started putting his clammy fingers on my thighs. NO WAY! I WANNA GO HOME!!! NOW I"M STUCK WITH THIS OLD FUCK! I JUST WANT TO GO SLEEP! THIS ISN'T FAIR! I looked at the old pervert very directly and he stopped.. for a few minutes. Stupid me for not putting my big purse on my knees! I tried to keep an animated conversation between everybody to get comfortable and make him forget about touching my thighs. After 15 minutes and a few thighs touching attempts, we finally arrived home. THEN THE OLD BASTARD TRIED TO GET UNDER MY SKIRT! (after my boyfriend got out of the car)Trust me, it didn't work his way! I lied something about myself working at a certain bar, thanked him again and rush my way inside. HOME!! YAY!!!

I couldn't say this wasn't a total bad experience, but hitchhiking at night is very dangerous even when you look like this :

Anyways, here's a few pictures from the party


The gogo girls dancers

My dear friends

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