Thursday, June 11, 2009

handcuff and old fashioned milkshake

Hey all

I didn't post anything recently, cause I was in Ottawa. I visited a few good friends of mine. We played poker, shopping (I've got some new PVC pieces) and we did a lot of fighting. My friend work for security and he knows perfectly how to capture a victim with techniques and all that judo/martial art crap. I screamed like hell and I fought all I could give, moving like a fresh captured fish, I couldn't avoid the handcuff. I still have the bruises on my arms dammit. It is so frustrating, I hate feeling miserable...weak...stupid...loser. whatever you get the picture. Anyways my friends still have the bruises and the marks of my studs printed on his skin. GOOD FOR HIM since I didn't win the game. Never fight people with chokers. Here's my tip of the day! I like to play hard I like it I like it!

Beside that, yesterday I went out for dinner. If you consider yourself a crazy weirdo and you like fucked up things that makes people looked at you very doubtfully, I have the perfect restaurant for you. It is situated in Ottawa on Bank street and it's called Restaurant the Works. They have like over 100 different kind of hamburgers as weird the ones to the others. for example I took the Sk8ter Boy burgers. It's topped like this: peanut butter, jack cheese and bacon. MMMMMmmmmmmmm SO YUMMYYYYYYYYYY. I can see you already drooling on your keyboard. Don't try to hide it! And I'm not over, I didn't talk about their old fashioned milkshake.
yeah the very fat but yummy milkshake. 60% fat but soooooooo good. They have an indefinite choice of flavors. You can pick as many you want to make your own one of a kind very merry milkshake. As an internal weirdo I made up my own kind by mixing coffee, mocha, banana,cherry,chocolate, mint,butterscotch and pina colada. Delicious. Ok enough food talking I'm hungry now.

Talk to you later


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