Monday, June 1, 2009

Ghost Investigations - sppoooooooky-

Have you ever felt watched when your alone?

Ever heard a constant knocking on your third floor window that has no balcony? -this actually happened to me-

I dunno if you class yourself among the one who believes in science only or you actually have a certain belief in the paranormal, but today I'll talk to you about the PARANORMAL . Yeah, spooky stuff! hehe...

Some friends and I actually have in common the fact that we believe in paranormal. So once in a while, we regroup ourself, armed with video cameras and others useful stuff, start to investigate some pretty scary haunted places reknowned around Canada. That's why a friend of ours decided to create the popular site Like you've probably guessed, we posted all the videos we filmed during the investigations. Go take a look, there is some pretty interesting things on it.

I must say I joined the group quite a while after, but don't worry, I lived some pretty f*ck up shit too. Actually it's been a while since my last investigation. I really miss the fact of being scared. You know investigations aren't just about ghosts and being scared, but it's primarely about the story behind. What happened in these places and you can learn a lot history wise.

Of course, for the ones who don't believe in 'ghosts' you may think this site is completely bullshit. Well, it's your belief. Still, it's always entertaining to persue.


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