Friday, June 5, 2009

Faith is back in town!


You know before I left I was fed up of Montreal. But after two and a half week out of town, I found myself missing the city. Don't get me wrong.... I like the country side, bonfire and all that stuff. preference leans towards the city with all them bunch of people rushing on the street malls and...huge buildings..and... pollution...well, yeah here the downfall. Damn I'll have a hard time living far from a convenience store.... hey! Don't make me this face! I'm not THAT superficial! It's just, well, I'm quite clumsy and forgetful, the reason why I love convenience stores so much.

I appreciate places where your best friend is a tree, but for a short period of time. I dunno, I get bored fast. Mother nature is beautiful without a doubt...still.. I'm sadly a city girl.

Timmins is for sure a nice place to visit with a lot of good people. The two last days in Timmins I was sick. Pffff... Still Marcy spoiled us with her good cooking. Fortunately I had time to pick up some crystal before we left. Did you know Timmins is one of the biggest city to find crystals and quartz? There is always quartz where a gold mine is.

Anyways, I'm tired ttyl

take care people

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