Friday, May 22, 2009

Timmins day 4

Hey people

Today I went to the most renoun photographer in all Timmins; Studio Claude J. Gagnon. He does amazing pictures and I hope I'll have a chance to work with him soon.

I learned today that Timmins has no gothic clothing stores at all. Reasons why I say that is because, I prepped myself in my usual clothing style which include spandex and PVC stuff. Supposedly, two guys almost bumped into each other on the street because they were staring at my clothes. Well, it's true I felt like being the fresh meat of the town. Especially in bars.

Remember I told you about how good Marcy's cooking is? Today she totally spoiled us by making a huge bbq. It was so yummy; I honestly have no place for dessert. THAT'S surprising!

I also have an audition next friday in Toronto for 2 short movies and 2 commercials. I am anxious but at the same time stressed a bit cause I TOTALLY HATE AUTITIONS. But they're essential. I also have an offer to pose for a novel. A certain artistic nude progect. It sounds really interesting. You wanna know the truth? I curiously feel more comfortable and surprisingly more spontanious doing artistic nude progects. Beats me why. I was probably a really perverted person in a past life. Who knows.

Anyways I'll keep you informed

sleep tight everybody


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