Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Timmins day 2

Hi people!

I survived the first day of cold Timmins. I slept with my pajamas and 2 hoodies wrapped up under 2 blankets. I was just fine. Yesterday I tried one of the famous ice cream place down here. Awesome! banana coffee flavoured soft ice cream cone was just to yummy. ( IT MAY LOOK WEIRD TO YOU HAVING ICE CREAM BY THIS COLD WEATHER BUT DIDN'T YOU KNOW ALREADY I AM A WEIRD PERSON) Nobody wanted to try it though. They find I have weird taste. I say whatever, more for me!

Timmins is a nice place. We visited the town today and I liked it. It as a nice community. Timmins is also Shania Twain hometown. Yeah it has a museum in her name. Unfortunately we didn't had time to visit it.

I don't miss my newspaper job yet. Come on, what would you think! I don't miss waking up at 5 am at all.

OMG, last night I had a really really f*cked up dream. I was back in Montreal and there was The Rasmus coming to play a gig in town. I was really surprised and happy at the same time. I wanted concert tickets so bad cause I missed their concert last time they came in Montreal. (true story) So I end up singing as an openning act for them. yeah I sang 3 songs which the 2 first I don't have a clue what they were. I didn't know all the lyrics anyways. Fortunately nobody booed me. For the third song I sang a song from Papa Roach. WHAT THE HELL.?? I remember screaming in the mic OMG I LOVE THIS SONG!! I can't remember the title though :( it is true I learned some Papa Roach songs in my singing lessons. I do like this group, well in my dream, it was just to awkward. After that, the end.

For the one's who doesn't know The Rasmus they are an awesome Finnish rock band. Go there:

....also go to for another great band.

This week I'll attack this place in order to find some modeling opportunities. Can't wait till then.

That's it for now


Be nice

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