Sunday, May 3, 2009

This week-end

Hey all!

This week-end was great! Like I said on my previous post, Friday I went clubbing at the Rubber Room. It was awesome. Saturday me and my boyfriend hung out with a precious friend of ours, Emilie. She is an awesome make up artist and model. She did the make up for a photoshoot I had in Toronto. So it was a funny and quiet night. If you come to Montreal one day and you want to eat in a great restaurant with awesome Italian food, I highly recommend to go to Guido and Angelina's restaurant. Arrabiata pasta is so spicy! Damn! I had swollen lips for the next 2 hours. Spicy but good.

Today I went to encourage my friend Real D in a open mic night. He spits a few songs of his up-coming album. So I had no choice to get out of my pajamas and jump into my clothes. Here's a few pics from Saturday.

Take care people and be good

Yours truly

Faith :)

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