Thursday, May 14, 2009

I LOVE WON TON SOUP! mmm mm mmh! So good!

Yeah today I went shopping downtown. It was pouring rain though. And there was this waiter at the Chinese restaurant on the corner who made us pay a double tip. Pfff... my boyfriend paid the bill at the cash and went to the store next door while I was finishing my coffee. This waiter came to the table and took me out of my daydream. He explained that my boyfriend paid the bill but he supposedly told him that I would leave the tip on the table when I will leave. At first I found it weird since I gave enough money to my boyfriend to pay the food plus buying some herbs next door. I said fine no problems. So I left the tip on the table as I promised and left the restaurant. I join Mark (only 20 seconds outside and I was dead damped.) I explained the situation and curiously asked why he didn't give the tip to the guy. he said What?? He should be a happy mother f*ucker by now cause you've just double tipped the guy! NO WAY! and stupid me swallowed his lies like ice cream!

Also today I bought some new spandex! YAYYYYY!!! I really hesitated between the navy blue and the purple one. There was also some in a nice green but Mark told be that I would look like a Christmas tree in this color. I wasn't sure neither cause I don't really have pieces that can match green. Anyways I picked the purple one. I'm anxious for tomorrow to put it on!

An other photoshoot is booked for Saturday. I am looking forward to work again with the photographer. He is a cool guy and it's been a while since we've shoot together; I'd say at least 2 years. I changed a bit from there, let say more ink and different hair color. Anyways I think, I'll put some pics soon.

Gotta go, I'm going to see Back to the future again. I love these movies and I love Michael j. Fox. Too bad he can't act anymore.

See you later


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