Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hi all!

Today was a lazy day. I only did things I like to do (no cleaning whatsoever)
I did cooking, studying and crafting my own soap and beauty products. We had really shitty weather this week end. it rained a lot. But I didn't care. I drank a lot of coffee while glazing at the rain in the comfort of my home.This week-end was pretty relax. I also started a new way of life since a few days: stop getting stressed. Often I found myself really stressed only by walking on the streets or doing banal quotidian things. You know stress is number one factor of adult acne. ACNE? NOOOOOOOOO!!!

Salem the SuperPanty cat.He loves underwear. Especially mine. Maybe I smell like chicken?!? ...Well like this he's protected from colds. Hurray for panties!

Keep me posted on your thoughts!

Until tomorrow!


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