Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Far far away from home

Hi all!

Sorry for haven't posted anything in the last few days. I had an unexpected invitation, so I am writing right now from Timmins, Ontario. WHAT A LONG DRIVE! It took us 15 hours to get there. My cat Salem was about to die of bordem in the car. I'm staying in town for around two weeks. NO NEWSPAPER WORK FOR A WHILE WOOOHOO.

Timmins is situated up north Ontario so the weather is a bit colder than Montreal.
I woke up this moring and took a look outside. SNOW! GOD DAMNIT! I couldn't believe it. Snow in May? It's sure new to me. But as an innocent town girl I sure jump the weather factor and didn't bring any warm clothes. DUMB ASS sometimes. I'm stuck to freezing my ass off for two weeks now. Hope they got very effetcive anti-cold medecine out here.

The cool part is in Timmins the town is full of native people. It's a step foward to learn more things about my cultural background. So far people here are nice and down to earth. It's different than the Montreal crowd.

I was about to get some new tattoos done next week in Montreal. I was looking foward to get inked again. Unfortunately I had to move the appointment for later on. Oh well.

I am living at Marcy's house for the time we stay in Timmins. She is very nice and she is a very good cook. I personnaly think I am better than her though for cooking some stuff. But please don't tell her. She'll kill me.

PS: they have Tim Hortons in Timmins! ROCK ON!

I have to go now before Marcy kicks my ass again, cause I didn't help at cleaning the dishes. BUT I HATE CLEANING THE DISHES, UM.

Talk to you tomorrow while the others will clean the kitchen. hihi!
Be good!

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