Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Hey people! Welcome on my brand new blog. Yeaaaah.. I've never been really fond of blogs, but I finally twisted my mind and made up one anyway. Why not. Who never changed their mind about something, please raise your hand. Honestly. Well, I knew it. That's life.

To the people who don't know me, I'm Faith Rayah. I am an international model. I am also co owner of Mystical Sounds Productions, an indie label in Canada.* Did I say that we are always looking for new talent? Oops.. so sorry!

I think this is a good idea starting this whole new blog to share with people and my experiences in the modeling industry, the good ones and the bad ones. Great, now I have no choices than to put down my ego and share all the stupid things happening within my normal life. If you only knew...

Beside the modeling and being a full time Manager/Booker/allTheOthersThingYouHaftToDoInTheMusicBusiness, I have a little boring job in the mornings now 2 years old. *Take a deep breath and put my ego aside* I give the news paper in a metro station. Yeah, so what? *sorry ego is back!* Well, sometimes it can be quite funny how people act at 6h30 on the mornings. Stay tune for my passionate day-to-day paper delivery experiences.

Well, hope that you people will take pleasure in reading my daily news on this blog.

I'll put some links up later on about my other sites and stuff.

Until then, be good!



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