Monday, April 27, 2009


Hi everybody,

I can't believe how people can be very close minded-very egoistical- here in Montreal.
People in general have a habit to judge you about everything, especially if your not dressed to impress. You can have the abilities as you need but if you don't look like a millionaire they don't even bother to look at you. Or if they do, you haft to give tons of proofs to prove what your saying and those critical people find ways to contradict all the time. Even if they don't know sh*t about the subject; all that count is they're opinion. The thing is it's even worse when your a woman in business industry.

Thing is it's really degrading first of all. Those people act like no it all when in reality they know nothing. Point is nobody seems to take people seriously when at the other end, they finish to be the fools.

Yeah I'm a woman, I got tattoos and piercings and I co-own a management recording label. It's a piss off when people don't trust other cause of their image.
I am not a government employee, I don't wear a high class brand suit to go to work. First of all, I'd feel really disguised and second of all, you don't work in a music studio with those type of clothes. (well, not usually)

So today, for all these people who did judge me, I give them the Saturn finger ( I let you guess which one it is) and they can continue on their marry way. And they'll see me at the top!

Sorry all, today was a bitchy day and I had to take it off somehow.

So be good and enjoy the nice weather!


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