Thursday, April 9, 2009

Photoshoot last week end

OMG! Last week end in Toronto was sooooooooo cool. Shitty weather though. It was raining like Niagara Falls on the highway! So I came to the studio Saturday noon with my freaking 6 huge luggage full on clothes and boots of all kind .Duuhh.. When you shoot for magazines you don't go there with only a pair a jeans, a shirt and a thong! So the photographer was lovely and we started to shoot at 12h30 pm. I finally left the parking lot of the studio Sunday at 4h30 am. We shot 16 hours!! GOSH! All the team were dead tired.To say the least, I was pissed off at my team cause I don't think I had enough attention. pffff.... I LOVE CAMERAS!

We came back to Montreal *sniff I love Toronto.. and cameras!
I was sitting in my pajamas in the back seat with my large Tim Horton's coffee between my legs. I was sooooo tired, I felt asleep. When I woke up later, my pants were full on coffee also as my coat. GOD DAMMIT! I smelt old coffee all way down to Montreal (yuckky), It's not pleasant being wet in your pants! So well, that's life.I slept again.

I woke up later cause I felt the car pull over to the side of the road. I was like WTF! when I looked in the front mirror and I saw the cops. The driver was driving at 180 km on the highway (normally max 100km) So me, my team and my 6 luggage took place in the stupid cop car. (Me smelling coffee like hell made it even worse)IT'S SO SMALL IN A COP CAR. The police dropped us off in another Tim Hortons in Cornwall- an hour and a half from Montreal-Me, my team, the driver (in tears) and the luggages were stuck in this town far away from my bed. We had to find a way to go back in Montreal by ourself. I WAS PISSED OFF AND DEAD TIRED *and wet don't forget*
I JUST WANTED TO GO HOME AND SLEEP. I was so coffee intoxicated that I almost threw up. Maybe the smell didn't help... Finally two hours later we were picked up by a friend of ours. He saved us from hitchhiking and drove us back to Montreal. Thanx dear friend for saving us!

Damn you know it is really expensive getting a speeding ticket? 80 km above the limit cost around 1000$ plus you loose your license for a while as well as your car. (and the bitches make you paid for the towing) so people, be careful and DON'T SPEED!

Well, that was my story and I look forward for my next shoot in Ottawa April 18th.

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