Monday, April 13, 2009

Marriage proposition and stuff...

Hey people!

Sorry for being late, I was quite busy these days.

Well, well, Happy Easter all! Hope you enjoyed your chocolate and extra weight you've gain this week end!
Like I promised, today I will tell you a story about the weird gifts people sometimes can give you. First of all one morning a guy came in the metro station with a pure white envelope and told me to wait until I'm alone to read it. Fine, I thanked the guy and he walked away. So I waited to the end of my shift, and opened the envelope. A marriage proposition...NO WAY!!! Yeah for real, standing in the envelope, the information about how to get married. At the top of the sheet, in writing hand the stranger wrote: ''I hope I'll be at the top of your list.'' followed by his name and his phone number. I was astonished! I couldn't believed it! I don't remember have seen this guy before! *Well remember, I see about 5000 people a day* Whatever, I never seen him again.

There is this other old man coming every day around 6h45 am for his newspaper. First, he gave me plastic flowers in a recycled grocery bag. YEAH..... what do you want to say aside a weak thank you and smiling like a stupid f*ck? Well yeah, I love flowers... but not the one in plastic and have no odor. (You can have a bunch of it at the dollar store anyways) A few weeks later, that same old man came to see me with another plastic bag but this time I had a magnificent pair of stupid knitted alien green socks. EEEEWWWWWW!!! You know the type of color who doesn't fit with ANYTHING! I found the color not that bad at the end, but the socks was a way to stiff and big for me anyways. I also had a ugly ass knitted red tuque and a wonderful red scarf (I SAID BEAUTIFUL, so not KNITTED!)

I also had candies of all kind. (I didn't know a 'caramel' mean a little candy in Italian. So I was pissed for not finding the caramel in the damn candy!

Oh yeah, I had food for my cat.. don't ask me why...

I had a free microwave and lamps for my apartment (that's pretty cool)

I'm sure there's more but I can't remember all of them for now.


Saturday I did a bit of promotion for Jagermeister. It was great giving free stuff and free booze to people. I was wearing the official Jagermeister's uniform. I looked a bit weird though with the orange wig. pfff whatever I looked great anyways!... Well, when I'll received the pics,I'll put one here just for you.

So, that's it for now.

Be good!


ps: A pic of me I took today just for you!

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