Friday, April 10, 2009


Hey people!

Today is a relaxing day! I started my Easter holidays! YAYYY!! More free time to eat chocolate and watching old horror movies in my Scottish styled pajamas! Today is a sunny day and it brings smiles on the face of people. For once this morning, I didn't lose anything, met a skunk as I stepped outside of the building,neither as falling right on my face and scratching my Ipod also as my knee. No wait. That was Tuesday. I know you wouldn't believe a word, but trust me, when the moon turn in Pluto (astrologically speaking), it's far from being my day. I tested... and proved myself right. Unfortunately

...just in case your wondering..NO I didn't get sprayed by the damn skunk!
I just saw something black and white moving among the garbage bags (yeah Tuesday is garbage day in Montreal, no big deal with it)Well, I kept looking and I saw this hairy black and white thing suddenly staring at me. My mind register the picture fast (yeah at 6h00 am it still slow)I silently started to run away on the tip of my toes and screaming in my head (IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOO!!)
Well, I looked back a few seconds later, I was safe again.. Ok, the knee scratch thing was soooo unexpected. A few seconds after the previous incident,I just fall flat with no reason, I didn't hit anything, I didn't lose my balance, I just fall like that... bang in the middle of the street... yeah... That's it. I was pissed.

With blood on my jeans and scratches on my Ipod (no I don't have any plastic protections on it.) I went to work (yeah the newspaper job, so grateful to me)I drowned my frustrations by drinking coffee.-like SEVERAL- I'm sure, someone, somewhere up there, made fun of me that morning. Pffff.. I really felt like a puppet. I just don't have enough room in my derriere to put a hand. That's it. Tiny difference.

Tomorrow I will tell you how the heck I ended up with a marriage proposition at work and how people can give you stupid gifts) Too bad I DON'T HAVE THEM ANYMORE, OR I WOULD OF SCANNED IT FOR YOU. I always tell you the truth people, always the truth, I swear.
Anyways, like I said in my previous posts, I have to put down my ego and tell you all the crunchy things that I WOULD NORMALLY HIDE FROM YOU.

Bye for now!!

and BE GOOD!


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